Qashqa’i Bag Face

This piece may have been intended for a ceremonial gift to an important person. It adapts classical Persian carpet design to a tribal sensibility. The medallion and everything within it are very tribal motifs. Yet there are workshop elements in the field and a bold tribal version of the Shah Abbas border direct from Safavid court carpets. It is woven with a masterful use of color, scale, and proportion.

Publication: ORR Vol. 11, No. 1, p. 58; To Have and To Hold, NERS 2004 pl. 27; HALI 150, p. 97

Structural Data:
Size: 23” x 25” (58 x 64 cm.)
Warp: Ivory wool; depressed
Weft: Red wool
Pile: Wool, asymmetrical knots, open left, 14h x 13v = 182kpsi