Afshar Bag Face

The design features a well drawn “endless knot” which appears to float on the repeating blue and yellow diagonal field of small botehs. The use of this “eye dazzler” design device is found in both Afshar and Khamseh Confederation weavings. Hanging in a tent, its bright sparkling botehs and floating knot must of looked quite spectacular.

Publication: HALI 137, p. 81; HALI 151, p. 72; To Have and To Hold, NERS 2004 pl. 30

Structural Data:
Size: 12” x 15” (30 x 38 cm.)
Warp: Light brown wool; some depression
Weft: Sections of orange wool alternating with sections of brown wool
Pile: Wool, symmetrical knots, 9h x 10v = 90kpsi
Note: Lower border rewoven