The New England Rug Society has a history of exhibiting pieces from our members’ collections.

Our first exhibition was staged in conjunction with the first American Conference on Oriental Rugs (ACOR 1) held in Boston in 1992. Named Through the Collector’s Eye – Oriental Rugs from New England Private Collections, it opened at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art and subsequently traveled to The Textile Museum in Washington DC. Its catalog, bearing the same title, is reproduced on this site.

Online Exhibitions

In November, 2002, the NERS broke new ground with the unveiling of Prayer Rugs and Related Textiles, the rug world’s first on-line exhibition to be sponsored by a rug society. Shortly thereafter we posted the contents of Collector’s Eye; this has become more important now, since the catalog is out-of-print. Another dedicated on-line exhibition – To Have and To Hold — followed in January of 2004.

In April of 2006 the NERS hosted the Eighth American Conference on Oriental Rugs (ACOR 8) in Boston, at which ten separate exhibitions of rugs and textiles belonging to NERS members were among the major highlights of the event. Unfortunately time and financial constraints prevented the publication of a printed catalog documenting the 450+ pieces that were on display, but we hope to at least partially remedy that on this site. We have since added “virtual” records of some of the ACOR 8 exhibitions.

Please select an exhibition and enjoy your visit to the NERS on-line gallery pages.

Online Exhibitions

Small Weavings of the South Persian Nomads

NERS Exhibition (ACOR 8)
July, 2022 (online update)
April, 2006

Legacy Exhibitions

These exhibitions were migrated from our original website. Having been created between 2002 and 2010, the exhibitions were not designed with mobile devices in mind. 

When viewing these “legacy” exhibitions, a new browser window/tab will be opened for each exhibition that you select. When you’ve finished viewing an exhibition simply click the “Close the Exhibition” button on the exhibition introduction page, or directly close the window/tab which was opened to display the exhibition.

"Baluch" from the Collection of Mark Hopkins

NERS Exhibition (ACOR 8)
April, 2007 (online)
April, 2006

Rare and Unusual Turkmen Pile Weavings

NERS Exhibition (ACOR 8)
May, 2006 (online)
April, 2006

To Have and To Hold

NERS Online Exhibition
January, 2004

Through the Collector's Eye

NERS Exhibition (ACOR 1)
February, 2003 (online)
December, 1991