Qashqa’i Bag Face

The design features the classic Qashqa’i “4-armed medallion”. Thoughts on the design origin range from Safavid pendant ornaments, the Holbein and mina khani designs, to 4th millennium BC symbolism. Here it’s rendered very graceful and well proportioned. Notice the separation of the hooks on the two lower arms, an apparent intentional design deviation by the weaver.

Publication: ORR V No. 3, pg. 4; Collins, The South Persian Collection 1986 Calendar; ORR 10 No. 3, pg. 16; O’Bannon, Oriental Rugs, pg.45; HALI 151, pg. 68

Structural Data:
Size: 24” x 23” (61 x 58 cm.)
Warp: Brown and ivory mixed wool
Weft: Red wool
Pile: Wool, symmetrical knots, 10h x 11v = 110kpsi