Afshar Bag

This bag was once a saddlebag; the bridge and the second loop panel are still attached. The bridge is in interlocked tapestry weave. The face features a very delicately drawn vase. This common Afshar rug motif shows the urban design influence of Kerman. There are small touches of green silk pile. The closures woven in countered soumak are very pretty. These features along with the fineness of weave elevate this to a special weaving.
Structural Data:
Size: 11” x 18” (28 x 46 cm.)
Warp: Mostly ivory wool, 1.5 inches of cotton on left; depressed
Weft: Rusty red wool
Pile: Wool; small areas of green silk; symmetrical knots, open right, 12h x 14v = 168kpsi
Back: Plain weft-face weave; bridge in interlocked tapestry weave