Khamseh Bag Face

The design is within the tradition of Khamseh and Luri “bird rugs” which may have early Persian mythological roots. The field contains three complete columns of opposing chickens and quadruped bird figures flanking tree-like forms. It has jewel-like colors; the extensive use of green and the robin’s egg blue field is unusual.

Publication: HALI 147, p. 88; HALI 151, p. 72

Structural Data:
Size: 25” x 23” (64 x 58 cm.)
Warp: Majority is ivory wool, 4” section of brown wool, and ¾” section of purplish wool at left edge; slightly depressed
Weft: Majority is orange-brown wool, lower 2” uses tan wool
Pile: Wool, symmetrical knots, 10h x 11v = 110kpsi