Qashqa’i Fragment

This very finely woven fragment is most likely a bag face missing the side borders and closures, or possibly one of two end panels to a mafrash or bedding bag. The wide ranging color palette, at least 14 colors, uses purple silk highlights. The field is woven in reverse offset soumak. It represents the pinnacle of Qashqa’i weaving.

Publication: HALI 112, pg. 129; HALI 147, p. 88; HALI 150, pg.95

Structural Data:
Size: 21” x 22” (53 x 56 cm.)
Warp: ivory wool; 28 warps per inch
Weft: Reverse offset soumak, reverse soumak in some borders
Structural wefts: purple silk
Pattern wefts: wool, cotton and some silk, 22 wefts per inch