Luri/Bakhtiyari Bag

This chanteh has a powerful graphic, almost “gabbeh-like” feel to the design. The bright white cotton in the medallion accentuates the visual impact. The closures and back of the bag have an assortment of mixed flat-weave techniques. The weft-float work on the back is quite whimsical. The blue glazed bead is an amulet to ward off the “evil eye”.

Publication: HALI 151, p. 67; NERS online exhibit To Have and To Hold, 2004, pl. 32b

Structural Data:
Size: 11” x 12.5” (28 x 32 cm.)
Warp: Light brown wool
Weft: Dark brown hair
Pile: Wool and some cotton, symmetrical knots, 5h x 9v = 45kpsi
Back: Pile, weft-substitution weave, weft-faced plain weave, and brocade