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Welcome to the New England Rug Society Blog pages.   A standard WordPress blog package has been incorporated into the NERS website to provide the benefits that blog software brings to any website.

Benefits for NERS:

  1. Increased web content — website content created easily be created by any authorized NERS member
  2. Provides another communication outlet in addition to the more static content of the website and newsletter, to reach both members and non-members
  3. Anyone can “subscribe” to postings using an RSS reader such as Google Reader.

Examples of usage:

  1. General comments about the world of antique rugs and textiles — we have a LOT of members who’ve written for ORR & Hali in the past, this would be an extremely convenient forum for short (or long) commentary on any rug-related topic a NERS author might be inclined to write about.
  2. Notices about any events of interest that are coming up sooner than the next Newsletter publication date
  3. Regular meeting reminders
  4. Rug show-and-tells by members: a one-rug online exhibit with as much (or little) info that the author chooses to include.
  5. Photo albums: rug related trip photos by members, meeting photos, annual picnic photos, etc
  6. A place for members to comment on rug/textile exhibitions, auctions, etc.
  7. Publish anecdotal stories related to the world of rug collecting — interesting, unexpected “finds”, humorous stories, etc

The intention is to allow NERS members the chance to author blog posts.  If you are interested, send an email and you’ll be provided with a login account and password along with links to a variety of online tutorials for using the WordPress software.  The blog posts can be short or long, they can included a few (or a lot) of images.  A simple posting guideline would be this:  if it’s appropriate content for the NERS Newsletter, it’s appropriate content for the blog.

Individual authors can easily create draft posting and decide when they want to publish the postings.  Authors can edit their posts after they’ve been published and authors can remove their own posts at any time.  The software is very user friendly.  The default is to disallow “comments about posts” from outside the NERS member community; only registered NERS “authors” are allowed to post comments on another author’s post.