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2009 NERS Picnic Photos

The 2009 NERS Picnic and Moth-Market took place on May 16th.    For the second year in a row it was held at The Gore Place in Waltham, MA. The weather cooperated nicely, although it got a little chilly when the sun disappeared for a bit during the show and tell portion of the program.  You may notice some folks with rugs and textiles wrapped around their shoulders in the photo gallery images.

2 comments to 2009 NERS Picnic Photos

  • anicholas anicholas

    Nice pics; wish we were able to attend. Like the fact you can expand them; can I assume you have the ability to create text labels for each one?

  • NERS-Admin NERS-Admin

    Yes, the images were inserted using the WordPress “photo gallery” option. A caption can be provided for each photo. The whole process of creating the post with all the embedded images took just a couple of minutes. The software is very user friendly.

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