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Auction Houses        Educational/Discussion
Christie's Oriental Rug Review
Grogan & Co. Textile Society of America
Nagel Turkotek
Rippon Boswell Richard E. Wright Research Reports
Skinner R. John Howe: Textiles and Text
Sothebys Charles Recknagel: Tea & Carpets
  Museums   Books/Periodicals
  Armenian Library & Museum of America, MA   Hali
  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA   Rugbooks.com - Dennis Marquand  
The Textile Museum, Washington, DC The Rug Book Shop  
Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto
Rug Societies
  Armenian Rugs Society
Hajji Baba Club
  International Hajji Baba Society
  San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society
  Seattle Textile and Rug Society
  Textile Museum Associates of Southern California
  AKREP, Oriental Rug Society in Gothenburg
  Oriental Rug Society of New South Wales, Australia
Society of Friends of Islamic Art and Culture, Munich, Germany
  Teppichfreunde, Wedemark, Germany
American Conference on Oriental Rugs (ACOR)
International Conference on Oriental Carpets(ICOC)
  Tom Stocker, Boston, MA - paintings of rugs
  Dr. Herbert J. Exner, Wedemark, Germany - collector and author 
  Cleaning & Restoration
  Bon Ton Rug Cleansers, Inc,  Watertown, MA
  Holly L. Smith & Co., Boston, MA
  Robert Mann Oriental Rugs, Denver, CO
  A. E. Runge, Jr. Oriental Rugs, Yarmouth, ME
  Anthony Hazledine, Gloucestershire, UK
Antique Rug Gallery, Inc, MA
Antique Tribal Rugs by Brian MacDonald, Cotswolds, UK
  Bertram Frauenknecht, Munich, Germany
  Carpets of the Inner Circle, San Francisco, CA
  Clive Rogers Oriental Rugs,  Staines, UK 
  Cocoon, Istanbul, Turkey
  Collins Gallery, Newburyport, MA
  Cyber Rug Center, Atlanta, GA
  D. B. Stock Antique Oriental Carpets, Wellesley, MA
  David Sorgato, Milan, Italy
  Frank Ames, New York, NY
  Franz Bausback, Mannheim, Germany 
Galerie Arabesque, Stuttgart, Germany
Galerie M. Tehrani, Hamburg, Germany
  Gallery 51, Philadelphia, PA
  Gallery Tulip, Tokyo, Japan
  Haliden Oriental Carpets, Bath, UK
  Hayko Antique and Tribal Rugs, New York, NY
  Herat Ltd Antique Tribal Weavings, Miami, FL
  J.H. Terry Gallery, Seattle, WA
  J.P. Willborg, Stockholm, Sweden 
James Cohen Antique Carpets, Milan, Italy
Jozan.com, multi-dealer website
Langauer Textile Art, Vienna, Austria
  Marla Mallett Textiles & Tribal Oriental Rugs, Atlanta, GA
  Mehmet Çetinkaya Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
  Moshe Tabibnia, Milan, Italy 
  Oriental Rugs, Ltd, Old Lyme, CT
  Peter Pap Oriental Rugs, Dublin, NH & San Francisco, CA
  R. Franklin Hort Oriental Rug Gallery, Minneapolis, MN 
  Reyn Staffel Oriental Rugs, Eugene, OR
  Richard Purdon Antique Carpets and Textiles, Fethiye, Turkey
  Rugrabbit.com, multi-dealer website
  Santos Gallery, Portland, OR
  SU-DE Old Rugs and Antique Textiles, Istanbul, Turkey
  The Textile Gallery, London, UK
  Thomas Cole Antique Rugs and Textiles, San Rafael, CA
  Tony Kitz Oriental Carpets, San Francisco, CA
  Tschebull Antique Carpets, Darien, CT 
  Turkish Folk Art, Istanbul, Turkey


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